About Threads That Unite

About Us

When the wind blows
Travels soil
It settles
On the new found land
Then it pours
And a seed sprouts
That's the beauty of nature
We do not separate the soil from the new found land
For it is nature
Instead we enjoy the beauty of the reaping plant
Likewise we cannot separate humans
Since we mix up like the soil
We reap a fusion of our minds
And bring a statement in our style
Threads that unite

We started as a dream about bringing Indian weaves to the North American market to unite people by clothes and travel. Pure materials and weaves from India are being used in our luxury and resort wear. You can now get your hands on pure silk, cashmere, cotton, wool and linen. Our products are made with traditional approaches and most of them are handmade in rural India. We aspire to bring forth the rural face of India on the global map as the nameless heroes who are often forgotten. This craft has lived through generations as a native communal vocation.


A travel inspired clothing line that will stir you to explore. As Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is power” we at threads aspire to let people know what lies beyond their horizon. We firmly believe that when empowered with knowledge one tends to respect and value where the other comes from and hence we want to be the means to that end. Rest be assured that you are not just buying a product with us but are going to have a story to tell.


Donating to SAKHI a percentage of the little profit we make every-time you buy something from Threads. That's right we don't want you to round up or donate separately, your purchase will ensure a donation is being made to SAKHI.

"Sakhi for South Asian Women (Sakhi) is a 32-year-old gender justice organization that supports South Asian survivors of domestic and sexual violence through a host of culturally and linguistically competent programming. Sakhi’s core programming is the delivery of direct services to survivors and their children through a philosophy of empowerment. Sakhi's programs include Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Direct Services, Economic Empowerment, Youth Empowerment, and Community Outreach."

Sakhi for South Asian Women


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